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Frequently Asked Questions About Building a Custom Home

Below are the most frequent questions asked of Cordero Craftsmen.
If your question isn't on the list, please email us.


Q. Is it more expensive to build a custom home?

A. It is not necessarily more expensive to build a custom home. In fact, because you control how the money is allocated, you will usually end up with a home that most closely meets your needs and specifications for the money you spend.

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Q. How do I finance my custom home before it is built?

A. Home owners generally first get a letter of commitment from the lending institution that will be providing the permanent financing. The home owner then gets a construction loan that is paid out during the construction process based on progress reports by the builder and inspections by the lender. After the home is built, the permanent loan is taken out and used to pay off the interim finance note.

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Q. How can I have an energy-efficient home without overspending?

A. Most times money spent on energy saving insulation and heating and cooling systems result in much lower operating costs, leaving more money in the family budget for the actual cost of the home.

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Q. What kind of options do I have when I build my own custom home?

A. Any options you want. We are a custom home builder, so your wish is our command. We will be happy to suggest options and ideas as well and are not offended if you prefer not to use them.

Working with Cordero Craftsmen, you may be able to have private sewage systems, and many driveway and landscaping options. Other options include a wide choice on the exterior of the home (e.g., stone, brick, stucco, wood and Cement Fiber (Hardy Plank), roofing (fiberglass, dimensional shingles, tile and metal), and flooring (tile, wood, marble, vinyl and carpet). Each choice impacts the overall budget which Cordero Craftsmen will manage for you.

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Q. How can I be sure the contractor won't just take my money? What are my remedies under the new laws which went into effect 11/97?

A. A builder must provide disclosure to the prospective clients prior to signing a contract. There are other requirements and approvals which must be signed by the client during construction before draws may be disbursed to the builder.

Texas law requires that all builders register every home with the state before construction. This process keeps records of a builders past performance. Check out Texas Residential Construction Commission at

The best protection is to deal with an established builder with a solid reputation for quality. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau for any prior complaints, and be sure to check out trade references and prior clients of the builder.

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Q. Can you supply me with references?

A. Cordero Craftsmen would be happy to supply you with a list of satisfied customers and trade references. Send us an email via our contact page.

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Q. How can I be sure my home meets all the relevant safety and zoning codes?

A. Cordero Craftsmen will never attempt to build your home without first obtaining a building permit.  City and county building permit offices have trained code officials. These officials will not allow construction to continue without passing their strict requirements and inspections.

Cordero Craftsmen voluntarily takes this process even farther. We qualify all our homes with the Texas Windstorm Insurance agency (for hurricane force winds). We hire an independent Windstorm inspector who is also a licensed structural engeneer. He will inspect details that other code officials are not trained for or qualified to comment on. We will present a certificate at completion of the project, stating that your home passed this rigorous inspection and is registered with the state. 

In addition, we use a structural engeneer to design the foundation and check the concrete at the time of pouring to guarantee "slump" (the amount of water added to concrete. Too much water will reduce the tsrenght of the concrete) and "PSI" (the strength of the concrete in Pounds Per Square Inch.) This testing is also backed up with documentation that we present to you as the owner.

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